† Council Chair
†† Appointment Does Not Expire
††† Commission Chair

Council of Faculty
NameDepartmentTerm ExpiresEmail
Crystal Bock Thiessen Programs in English as a Second Language 2023 cbock3@unl.edu
Gwen Combs Management/EVC's Office/ODI †† gcombs2@unl.edu
Tonya Haigh School of Natural Resources 2025 thaigh2@unl.edu
Arden Eli Hill English 2025 ardentmarsupial@gmail.com
Kathryn Holland Psychology and Women's & Gender Studies †† kholland4@unl.edu
Nicole Iverson Biological Systems Engineering 2025 iverson@unl.edu
Beth Lewis † Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education 2024 elewis3@unl.edu
Amy Schmidt Biological Systems Engineering and Animal Science 2024 aschmidt@unl.edu
Jamie Reimer Seaman Glenn Korff School of Music 2024 jreimer2@unl.edu
Jessica Fargen Walsh Journalism & Mass Communications 2023 jessica.walsh@unl.edu
Council of Staff
NameDepartmentTerm ExpiresEmail
Tricia Besett-Alesch Counseling and Psychological Services 2024 tbesett-alesch2@unl.edu
Marianna Burks School of Biological Sciences/TRIO 2024 marianna.burks@unl.edu
Molly Brummond College of Law 2023 molly.brummond@unl.edu
Danielle Dewees Nebraska Extension 2025 ddewees@unl.edu
Anne Holz Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor 2024 anneh@unl.edu
Caitlin O’Connor ORED 2025 coconnor13@unl.edu
Ann Powers † Agronomy and Horticulture 2023 apowers4@unl.edu
Joann Ross ††† Nebraska Athletics 2024 jross9@unl.edu
Jeff Sheldon Nebraska Alumni Association 2025 jeff.sheldon@unl.edu
Pat Tetreault LGBTQA+ Resource Center and Women's Center †† pat.tetreault@unl.edu
Council of Students
NameMajor(s)Term Expires
Domonique Cudjo Women's Center (Advisor to the Council of Students) ††
Hannah Coldiron Undergraduate - Accounting 2024
Miranda Hussey † Grad/Professional - Law College 2023
Ashton Koch Undergraduate - Political Science, Global Studies, French 2023
Clare Kramper Undergradudate - History 2023
Jordan Malzer Grad/Professional - Law College 2024
Brooke Mott Grad/Professional - School of Integrated Studies 2024
Malvika Vijju Undergraduate - Women’s and Gender Studies 2024
Support Staff
Emily Nealeigh Institutional Equity and Compliance enealeigh2@unl.edu
Jody Wood Institutional Equity and Compliance jwood2@unl.edu