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The purpose of the Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women is to enhance the status of all women at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, by advising the Chancellor on issues pertaining to gender equity and on specific concerns of women faculty, staff and students at the university.

Susan B. Anthony
The North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune, August 27, 1920
Photo of Susan B. Anthony

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were popular suffragists, and are still regarded as two of the most influential suffragists. In 1867 they travelled through Nebraska and gave multiple speeches promoting women's suffrage. These speeches influenced Nebraskans and helped spark the suffrage movement in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Suffrage Movement
24hr Crisis

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The Commission and each Council adhere to a policy of strict confidentiality. Conversations with the Chancellor are advisory and confidential. In addition, members of the university community should feel free to consult with members of the Commission and to express their opinions in confidence. The Commission shall not disclose to the Chancellor, or to others, any communication requested to be kept confidential by a member of the university community unless the content involves a topic that legally requires reporting.

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