Faculty and Staff Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in the Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women. The CCSW exists to enhance the status of all women at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Commission advises the Chancellor on issues pertaining to gender equity and on specific concerns of women faculty, staff, and students at the university.

Responsibilities of the Commission

  1. To advise the Chancellor on University matters and policies relating to women and on such other matters as may be appropriate.
  2. To advise such other members of the campus administration as the Chancellor deems appropriate.
  3. To suggest to the Chancellor issues relating to women that should be part of the campus administrative agenda.
  4. To communicate to the Chancellor the perspectives of women on University policies and decisions.
  5. To assist the Chancellor in addressing issues related to women.

Responsibilities of Commission Members

  1. Attend Commission meetings each month.
  2. Participation and support for Commission activities, projects, and programming.
  3. A willingness to promote Commission goals and objectives.
  4. Time commitments may vary, but members should anticipate dedicating 2-4 hours per month to Commission activities.
Please select the description that best describes your role on campus
Please provide brief responses to each of the following:
3. Would you be able to commit to regular attendance at commission meetings and participation in commission activities, projects, and programming?