Chancellor's Award Past Recipients

The Chancellor's Outstanding Contribution to Women Awards recognizes outstanding faculty, staff and student efforts to create a climate that encourages women to succeed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Two awards are given, one for faculty or staff members and another for students or student organizations. The award recipients must demonstrate a sustained and tangible impact on the campus community.
Past Award Recipients
Year Name/Organization Category
2023 Jessica Groskopf Faculty/Staff
2022 School of Biological Sciences Faculty/Staff
2022 Department of Mathematics Faculty/Staff
2022 Graduate Society of Women Engineers Student
2021 Jayde McWilliams Faculty/Staff
2020 Molly Brummond Faculty/Staff
2019 Women in Natural Resources Faculty/Staff
2019 Abigail Reimer Student
2018 Tiffany Heng-Moss Faculty/Staff
2018 Rae Thomas Student
2017 Paul Black Faculty/Staff
2017 Amanda Dale Student
2016 Mark Askren Faculty/Staff
2016 Danielle Young Student
2015 Luke Bretscher Faculty/Staff
2015 Kathryn Miller Student
2014 Beth Burkstrand Reid Faculty/Staff
2014 Engineers Without Borders Student
2013 Mary Anne Holmes and Julia McQuillan Faculty/Staff
2013 Psychology of Gender Student
2012 Concetta DiRusso Faculty/Staff
2012 PREVENT: Agents of Change Student
2011 Alexandra Basolo Faculty/Staff
2010 Evelyn Jacobson Faculty/Staff
2010 Eating Disorders Education Program Student
2010 Sheldon Museum of Art Faculty/Staff
2009 Christy Horn Faculty/Staff
2009 Society of Women Engineers Student
2008 Department of Geosciences Student
2008 Tamy Burnett Faculty/Staff
2007 Department of Sociology Faculty/Staff
2007 Alex Clark Student
2006 UNL Police Department Faculty/Staff
2005 Pat Tetreault Faculty/Staff
2004 Ashley Cooper Faculty/Staff
2003 Alece Pugh-Lily Faculty/Staff
2002 Anne M. Parkhurst Faculty/Staff
2001 Marilyn Grady Faculty/Staff
2000 Sylvia Wiegand Faculty/Staff
1999 Pat Tetreault Faculty/Staff
1998 Helen Moore Faculty/Staff
1997 Mary Beck Faculty/Staff
1996 W. Jim Lewis Faculty/Staff
1995 Barbara DiBernard Faculty/Staff
1994 Theo Vera Brown Sonderegger Faculty/Staff