Initiatives and Activities

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Working Groups

Members of the Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women participate in working groups that focus on or support different areas.

  • Family Friendly and Wellness Initiative
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Services for Students with Children
  • Mental Health and Wellness for Staff and Faculty
  • Programming
  • Guidelines and Awards
  • Promotion and Publicity

Gender Equity Issues

The Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women has been working on several issues related to gender equity.

  • Actively engaged on issues related to an equitable family leave policies
  • Took the lead on creating a staff governing body on campus with assistance from Office/Service and Managerial/Professional and supervisory staff across campus
  • Focused on mental health and wellbeing by working with campus constituency groups
  • The CCSW student council held undergraduate and graduate student forums for all women
  • Submitted position statements in response to incidents of sexual misconduct and the closing of student family housing

Past Events and Activities

Throughout the year, the Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women hosts events and supports events hosted by other Diversity Commissions and campus organizations.

  • Hosted the discussion panel “Intersectionality and Belonging: Shining a Light on Mental Health”. The panel featured a diverse group of campus experts, who engaged the audience in a discussion about the impact gender, race/ethnicity, sexual identity, international status, and being a student-athlete have on a person’s attitudes about mental health
  • Provided face masks for students that were distributed through the Women's Center
  • Held in-person CCSW member lunch social at Cather Dining Hall
  • The CCSW student council worked with Graduate Studies to launch a social organization for all women graduate students called UNL Grad Gals, to be housed in Graduate Studies
  • Co-sponsored Kamilah Willingham as the Women’s and Gender Studies Fall Annual Lecturer
  • Recognized Office/Service Staff during Women's History Month for going above and beyond in their office/service roles at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Presented the Chancellor’s Outstanding Contribution to Women Award to recognize outstanding faculty, staff and student efforts to create a climate that encourages all women to succeed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln